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Fire Departments responded to 1,345,500 fires     

501,500 were Structure Fires      

3,280 civilian fire deaths 

     15,700 Civilian fire injuries     

   $14.3 Billion of property damage,

(data from "Fires in US", National Fire Protection Association,  www.nfpa.org)

Major causes of fires:

(data from National Fire Protection Association,  www.nfpa.org)

Cooking is the #1 cause of home fires and fire injuries

Smoking is the #1 cause of home fire deaths.

7% of home fires started in the bedroom but accounted for 24% of home fire deaths.

Children playing with fire started an estimated 13,900 fires causing 210 deaths and 1,250 injuries

52% of all home fire deaths and 20% of reported home fires occured between 11:00pm & 7:00am

NFPA Fact Sheets (NFPA.ORG)


Wood, Natural and Synthetic Fabrics,

Open and Closed Cell Foams,

Drapes, Curtains, Carpets, Furniture,

Hay Barriers, Thatching, Bamboo,

Interior or Exterior Wood, Wood Shake Shingles.


All our fire retardants are


non-toxic and

Free of any form of Bromide.


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