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Kansas State Fire Marshal

Sedgwick County Fire Marshal


Sedgwick County Zoo


"Downing Gorilla Forest Reserve"

Sedgwick County Zoo Interior View Interior View

FS-I DS applied to interior artificial foliage by zoo staff

The Downing Concert Series

"Joe Cocker Concert"


Design by "The Design Centre"

                     Wichita, KS

Joe Cocker Sign

VIP Area VIP Area2 Concert Area Table

Approx 23,000 sq ft of cardboard design set treated with FS-I Fire Retardants.

FS-II Applied to interior residence with emphasis applied to fireplace framing, kitchen and sleeping areas.

 Cedar Shake shingles Treated With

Flame Stop II Fire Retardants.

Shingles Treated Left and Untreated Right

Wood Shake Shingles - Treated With

Flame Stop II

Treated May 12, 2003. 

Burned October 18, 2003

22 minutes after ignition

Elapsed Time:  22 min.

Note the untreated side fully engulfed while the treated side is only 1/2 engulfed in flames.  Point of ignition to both pallets was at lower most center corners.

Sedgwick County Fire Dept Web Cam picture

Temperature reading - 1299'F.

From Sedgwick County Fire Department firecam.

40 minutes after ignition

Elapsed Time:  40 min.

Note treated side still burning while untreated side is completely burned.



We Test It For You  

Treated Fabrics


Christmas Tree Burning video

 Click on picture to view Video by

National Institute of Standards and Technology




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